My Day in Gainesville FL

Gainsville Florida is right-smack dab in the middle of central Florida, that means hot humid temperature year round. Who needs a sauna in Gainesville when you can just step outside.


Surrounding Gainsville is thick lush foliage which is what makes spending a day in Gainesville so great. The shade and the ever-growing trees in Gainesville provides that taste of calm coolness.


My day in Gainsville started off dodging alligators, or so I thought when visiting a local gator cafe that should actually be known for its frozen coffee. Next was a visit to Paynes Prairie where actual alligators exist and there is a subtle sense of acceptance towards the nature in this area. Never-the-less, adrenaline will guide you through the swamp lands in Gainsville.


If you made it out of the swamp lucky enough, then my next recommended stop is to the Butterfly Rainforest which isn’t just the literal opposite of an alligator infested area, but also a place where you can feel normal after experiencing close-call attacks from pre-historic creatures with large teeth.


Gainsville Florida is definitely not for the type of person who is faint of heart, this place is for those who want to know what florida is really all about. Please visit the local chamber of commerce’s website, for further information on life in this central Florida city.


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